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Vivid Dreams

Lately I’ve been having lots of dreams. Considering I spend a large portion of each day drifting in and out of hazy sleep, this isn’t too surprising. What is surprising, however, is just how realistic these dreams tend to be.

Over the past several months, my dreams have become incredibly vivid. I’ve had ultra-realistic dreams before, but never with this much regularity. Often, but not always, the dreams are nightmares. Sometimes these nightmares are terrifying, but often they’re more sad than scary. So much so that I frequently wake up with tears running down my face.

Even before my dreams turned extra vivid, I frequently awoke with no idea about where I was, who my loved ones were, or anything else about my life. These dreams being so realistic isn’t exactly helping with that. It frequently takes me 30 minutes to a couple of hours to figure out where I am, with my mind searching for and settling on several wrong locations before finally getting it right.

I recently read in several places that vivid/realistic dreams can be a symptom of ME. I’m wondering how many of my ME readers have similar experiences, so I figured I’d write about it. I don’t know if there’s anything we can do about it, but still. Sometimes it’s nice just knowing you’re not alone in a particular symptom. So how about it? If you have ME, have you noticed yourself having lots of extra vivid dreams since becoming ill? If so, did they start immediately after developing ME, or did it take awhile? Are most of the dreams good, bad, neutral, scary, sad…? Any themes you may have noticed? Leave your comments below. Let’s talk about dreams!