Still here…

Just a quick note to the awesome people I’ve already met who read my blog: I’m still here! I have another post in the works, but a lot has been happening and I’m flaring too badly to finish it right now. I promise to do so as soon as I’m able! Thank you for being patient with me while I battle this flare. I hope you are all having the best week possible. More soon!


2 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Take care and look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂
    P.s. I’ve been reading Around with the Hound and fell in love with DeeDee. I joked with my friends about training up my dog as a service dog but I’m nowhere near disciplined enough. Instead I think I’ve been trained as a service person by the poodle 😉

    • Aww, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the site and reading about DeeDee. I had to LOL at what you said about being trained as a service person for your poodle. The other day I actually found myself holding the end of a bully stick, moving it from side to side as indicated, so DeeDee didn’t have to move her paws to hold it herself while she chewed… I think that means she has me trained pretty well also! (I just love poodles, btw!) Thanks for the comment! I should have a new post up within the next several days… 🙂

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